Japanese Burdock Tea


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Japanese Burdock Tea 牛蒡茶

  • $18.00

Japanese Burdock Tea 牛蒡茶

3g x 15 nylon tea bag

Caffeine Free

Origin: Kagoshima, Japan

Healthy refreshment for office and home. Packed into tea-bags for your convenience.

Burdock root harvested from the rich soil of Kagoshima, is roasted by state of the art technology, using lava plate made from Sakurajima (active volcano in Kagoshima), producing roasted burdock that is refreshingly fragrant and elegant on the palate.

Health Benefits

Its inulin (water soluble fibre) content, enhances the growth and activities of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, hence promoting colonic health.

Anti-aging support. Polyphenol (chlorogenic acid, arctigenin, etc.) has antioxidant effect, protecting the body from the deteriorating effects of free radicals.

How to Brew (Hot/Cold)

Conveniently packed in nylon tea bags, just immerse 1 tea bag into 1L of cold or hot water, stir and your 'Gobo-cha' is ready to drink in a couple of minutes! For a richer tasting cold burdock tea, steep the burdock tea bag for 30 minutes in the cold water.